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SCC Seminar,

Workshop, Drop-in Group Tutoring 

campus-wide schedule

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Professors must register their email address. 

--D203 In-house Schedule

(2 appointments per week, up to two weeks in advance)

In-house Appointment Guidelines:

  • Schedule two in-house 1/2 hr. appointments per week
  • Schedule only one 1/2 hr. appointment per day
  • Drafts of five or more pages or INRW, ESL, and students with documented special needs may schedule a 1 hr. appointment by request
  • To avoid No-Show penalties, students must log into and cancel (bottom of appointment form) at least one hour prior to their scheduled appointment

Bring the following items to each consultation

  • One typed hard copy of draft.
  • A copy of assignment, prompt, and/or rubric.

For reasons of safety and liability, the Center discourages parents from bringing young children to appointments.  Please make an online VirtualMuse appointment instead.

--OWL VirtualMuse

  • Online, real time appointments from your home in audio, video, and chat--students must have a microphone, or headset with a microphone, to schedule a VirtualMuse appointment. Evening and Sunday appointments available after hours.

--OWL DropBox: Upload drafts to earliest available time blocks immediately.

  • eTutor -- papers returned on or before day three at midnight with remarks.
  • DropBox is not a visual online consultation system.
  • DropBox can offer only a certain number of time blocks based on consultant availability. For example: If on Monday a student finds the first open slot is on Wednesday because both Monday and Tuesday time blocks are reserved, the two day turnaround count down begins on that Wednesday where the essay has been submitted, not on the Monday it was uploaded).


Drop-in Group Tutoring

Workshop/Seminar Schedule

 TUESDAY: Tips for More Effective Writing

Presenter: Lead Katie Wallis

Tues., Sep. 26 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. in D225

 Learn writing strategies to improve tone, MLA formatting skill, syntax, grammar, and punctuation.

TUESDAY: Writing Effective Introductions and Conclusions

Presenter: Professor Brannon

Tues., Sep. 26 1:00–2:00 p.m. in D225

Learn tips for beating writer’s block and getting through the tough parts of your essays

TUESDAY: How to Write a Mission Statement for a Business Plan

Presenter: Professor Cockerell

Tues., Sep. 26 5:30–6:30 p.m. in D225

The Mission Statement is the guide for both a business and its plan.  Those attending this seminar will be able to go step-by-step through how to write their very own Mission Statements.

Along with our regular writing seminars, the Center NOW offers students a schedule featuring group tutorial sessions for History, Government, Biology, Algebra, Calculus, and Criminal Justice. We have also listed the Developmental Department's Study Skills Seminars, workshops given by the Career Center, and the Mathematics Department's workshops.  

Students may access the  group and workshop schedule through the drop-down arrow at the top of any other schedule page, and on the log-in page, to obtain information about days and times for group tutorials, workshops, and seminars.

All group tutorials and seminars are free, and no registration is necessary. Professors are sent electronic notice of student attendance.

To make an in-house appointment with CPC or PRC, please follow this link to access their contact information on the Collin College Writing Center page: Collin College Writing Center. To get help from the OWL, choose one of Spring Creek's online schedules from the drop-down menu on this site's log-in page.